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Brockley Jack open to submissions for Write Now 5 Shorts

To launch the Write Now 5 Festival the Jack invites you to submit a 10 minute play based on the theme of ‘Speak Up, Speak Out.’  Performances will take place on Saturday 17 May 2-14, and selected writers will be announced on the website in mid-April.

Submission prompt:  “In 2013, US senator Wendy Davis spoke for ten hours straight to preserve women’s reproductive rights in Texas; Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the NSA, knowing that the moment he did he would be branded a traitor; Malala Yousafzai faced almost certain death when she spoke out against the Taliban.  Using the phrase ‘Speak Up, Speak Out’ as a starting point, we ask you to explore this incredible human trait, to say something when others won’t, in any way that you feel possible.  Whether it’s a revelation, a secret, the truth or a lie, we would like to hear from you, and we’d most certainly like to hear from your characters.”

Eligibility:  Writers are only eligible to submit one script to the competition.  Unlike other opportunities run by the Jack, writers are NOT required to have a connection to SE London.

What to submit:  Your script should meet the following guidelines:

  • Your script should not be longer than 10 minutes
  • Your script should have a minimum of 4 characters
  • Your script should address the theme, but it can be freely interpreted
  • Your script must be able to be performed with basic staging and technical support.

How to apply:  Please email your submission to admin@brockleyjack.co.uk.  Full details can be found in this PDF:  http://www.brockleyjack.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Write-Now-5-Shorts-Guidelines.pdf

Deadline: Monday 10 March 2014

Source:  Play Submissions Helper

Write Now 5 Festival at Brockley Jack seeking submissions of full-length plays (SE London writers only)

Write Now 5, an annual new writing event, is an essential element of the Jack Studio Theatre. The month-long festivals are created from submissions of previously unperformed plays from emerging or established writers, who live, work or study in south east London. The selection of plays for inclusion in the festival is made by the theatre’s team and a final panel of industry experts.

Each year three plays are chosen to be given either a full production or development time and rehearsed readings. During the festival we also premiere several short plays and run writing workshops and post-show discussions with playwrights and theatre practitioners.

One selected play will be given a full production in a two week run at the Jack Studio Theatre in May – June 2014. Two further selected plays will be given a week’s workshop time and rehearsed readings during the Festival. All playwrights who submit must have a strong connection to south east London.

What to submit:  A full length play for a cast of five or fewer actors.  A one page synopsis and application form also required.  Further details and the application form can be found on their website.

How to apply:  You must submit one hard copy of your play with your application form, and a copy of your play and application form should also be emailed to admin@brockleyjack.co.uk.

Deadline:  Monday 27 January 2014

Source:  @Playwriting_UK