Bush Theatre submissions window (proposals only!) opens today

The Bush Theatre’s Autumn/Winter submission window will be open from 21st November 2013 and closes at 5pm on 20th December 2013.  In an interesting twist, the Bush is only looking for proposals for developing work, part of their efforts to reach out to a wider range of theatremakers.  (This is in line with recent changes to their submissions procedure, which you can read more about here.  But don’t fret, they will reopen to submissions of fully drafted scripts from unrepresented writers sometime in the spring.)

What to submit:   They are looking for:

  • Proposals of a story outline, of no more than two pages of A4
  • Examples of previous work (links or attachments to online video, photographs or text samples no more than 2MB)
  • Details of who will be making the work (bios for each creative)

Full details can be found on their website.  But remember, in their own words:


How to apply:  During this period, please email your proposals to scripts@bushtheatre.co.uk and include, as a separate attachment, a fully completed cover sheet which you can download here.

About the reading process:  The Bush will read all eligible proposals submitted to us through our submission windows and they will contact any writer or theatre maker / company who has submitted a proposal that they would like to produce or develop, inviting them to engage in a bespoke development process.  The Bush doesn’t offer feedback on proposals that we are not intending to produce or develop, although they will contact you to let you know when we have read your application; this will usually be within 4 to 6 months from the end of each submission window.

Deadline:  20 December 2013  (Submissions open 21 November 2013)

Source: @Playwriting_UK

West Avenue Theatre Company seeking plays for ‘Briefs’ scratch night

Submissions are open now for The West Avenue Theatre Company’s next scratch night, Briefs – which will be on Wednesday, 15 January 2014.  The event will return to the Rosemary Branch for another one-off evening of short, relatively light-hearted plays by emerging writers, directed by emerging directors and performed by emerging actors.

 What to submit:  Plays must have an estimated running time of between 5 and 20 minutes.  They must be relatively “light-hearted” in nature. This doesn’t mean it has to be a comedy, but the atmosphere of these nights wouldn’t really suit anything too dark.

How to apply:  Scripts need to be emailed, preferably in PDF format, to westavenuetheatrecompany@gmail.com.

You must be free to be at the Rosemary Branch Theatre in London’s N1 area on Wednesday, January 15, 2014.  You don’t have to have a director attached, but if you do, please let them know when you apply. Please also let them know if you’d like to direct your own piece.  They will take control of casting, but do say if you have anyone specific in mind for us to consider.

 Deadline:  Tuesday 3 December 2013 at 23:59

Source:  Playwriting UK Facebook Group

National Student Drama Festival 2014 (age 16-25, £98 entry fee)

The National Student Drama Festival will feature performances, workshops, discussions, masterclasses and entertainment in venues across Scarborough, including the Stephen Joseph Theatre, University of Hull Scarborough Campus and the Scarborough Spa. NSDF14 will run from 12-18 April 2014.

What to submit:  If you are aged 16-25 and involved with a UK-based theatrical production taking place between now and 28 February 2014 and think that it might be something that deserves being part of NSDF14 here’s what they’re looking for:

  • The performance must be a minimum of 20 minutes.
  • It can be any theatrical genre: devised work, physical theatre, new writing, published texts, musicals, site-specific, street theatre.
  • It can have professional or non-student input provided the majority of the work is driven by young people aged 16-25.
  • They are looking for pieces with exceptional theatre craft with a clear sense of ownership and commitment from the people presenting them, whatever the genre.

How to apply:  Applications are made through the Ideastap brief.

What you pay:  The application fee is £98 per show.

Deadline:  28 February 2014* (Note: this is the final date shows can be seen by an NSDF Selector to be considered – you must apply in advance of this date to arrange for them to see your show)

Source:  Bruntwood Prize Opportunities Page

Undeb Theatre seeking Summer Festivals Script Submission

Undeb Theatre is offering IdeasTap members the opportunity to pitch a script idea for its festival in 2014.

What to submit:  To apply, you should prepare a script treatment of no more than 1,000 words.  Script ideas must adhere to the following rules:

  • There must only be two characters
  • The characters must be Welsh
  • The characters must be aged 16 to 25
  • There can only be one prop
  • The play must be written in English

How to apply:  Applications are made through the Ideastap Brief.  (Note that you will need to create an Ideastap Profile in order to apply.)

What you get:  The winner will work with Undeb Theatre to develop their idea into a script to be performed at up to eight arts and music festivals between June and September 2014. The deadline for the final script will be 30 April 2014.  Festivals are likely to include Latitude, Bestival, Wilderness and Secret Garden Party.

In the run up to summer the winning member will work closely with Undeb’s artistic director, producers and resident writer to bring the show to life. The winning member will receive a commission fee of £150 – £500 at the start of the project and a further £350 once the final script is delivered, as well as two tickets to each of the festivals the show plays at.

Deadline:  Monday 6 January 2014 at 5pm

Source:  @Playwriting_UK

Graeae announces writers selected for ‘Write to Play’

Graeae has announced the writers selected for Write to Play, its new playwriting scheme, which aims to provide opportunities to deaf and disabled writers.

The scheme will be run by Graeae in partnership with the National Theatre Studio, Royal Court, and Soho Theatre.

The writers in 2013/14 will be: Sean Burn, Amy Bethan Evans, Rosaleen McDonagh, Tom Wentworth and Nicky Werenowska

More details about the programme can be found in this article from The Stage.

Source:  The Stage

Arundel Festival Theatre Trail 2014

Writers are invited to submit plays for the Arundel Festival Theatre Trail, conceived and presented by Drip Action Theatre Company, now in its fourteenth year. It performs at the end of August, on each of the Festival’s eight days, eight short plays at eight different venues all over Arundel – this year, for example, in a church hall, a kitchen, a ballroom and Arundel Jailhouse. An audience of nearly 2,000 came to see the eight 2013 Theatre Trail plays.

The Trail is firmly established as one of the major components in the Festival and is a great showcase for both new and established writers.

What to submit:  Plays should be between 30 and 40 minutes long, with practicable casting, props and effects.

How to apply:  One play only per entrant, in hard copy (not e-mail). Please enclose an SAE if you’d like your play returned.

All entries should be submitted to:

Drip Action Theatre Trail 2014
c/o SCGIS Ltd
65a High Street
West Sussex
BN18 9AJ

For further information call 01903 885250 or email info@dripaction.co.uk

What you get:  A reading committee will select the plays that will be performed, with the best submitted script receiving the Joy Goun award of £250 at the Theatre Trail launch in May 2014.  Each successful playwright will receive a £150 writer’s fee.

Deadline: 31 January 2014.

Source:  BBC Writersroom

BBC Writersroom open for submissions 18 November – 16 December

The Script Room window for submitting scripts will be open from November 18th 2013 until 5pm on December 16th 2013.

The Script Room is a place where you can send your script to be assessed by a team of experienced readers.  This is not a free script-reading service, but a means by which the BBC seeks out the best new writing talent, offering writers without a track record, representation, or contacts the opportunity to have their work considered by the BBC.  Shortlisted writers will go forward to access a range of development opportunities with BBC writersroom.

What to submit:  The BBC has very detailed guidelines about what they do and do not submit, so be sure to read their Terms and Conditions to make sure your script qualifies before sending it in.  Your script must be a minimum of 30 minutes in length, and must be written for film, television, stage, or radio.  (While the BBC does not produce stageplays, the Script Room will accept stageplays as a ‘calling card of a writer’s talent, ability, and voice.’

They are quite particular about making sure your script is formatted correctly – see their medium and format guidelines and formatting examples.

How to apply:  Submissions are now made via their new electronic submissions system.  Follow this link to submit your script.

More details about their new e-submissions system can be found in these FAQ.

Deadline:  16 December 2013 at 5pm

Source:  BBC Writersroom

£1,000 for a horror treatment or draft Hopscotch Films

Receive £1,000 for a horror treatment or first draft screenplay with further development from Hopscotch Films.

Are you a screenwriter or writer/director with a passion for psychological horror? Do you have an idea or a script for a low budget feature film to match the imagination and terror of the likes of Rosemary’s Baby, The Blair Witch Project, or Paranormal Activity?

What to Submit:  A Treatment (2-10 pages) OR a first draft script for a low budget psychological horror.

They’re looking for captivating and terrifying stories told creatively, with compelling characters we can care about. Characters who have recognisable fears and emotional instabilities. Ideas that have a particular slant which makes them feel new. Terror and tension that gets under your skin rather than attacks your senses with a chainsaw.

Boundary pushing ideas will be well received. Found footage films have been a recent success story in this genre, but they might feel a bit predictable now. Is there a new innovation that can be found to make psychological horror work on a low budget?

Screenplays will not be given preference over well thought out treatments.

How to apply: Email your submission to horror@hopscotchfilms.co.uk.

If you’re submitting a first draft script, you don’t necessarily need any previous credits of note. The quality of the idea and the writing will be apparent from the script.  But please also submit a Biography, flagging up any previous writing credits, if you have any, as well as  links to any work you have had made.

If you’re submitting a treatment, we’ll need to be convinced that you can also write in screenplay form. So please include examples of previous scripted work, as well as a Biography.  Links to any work you have had made will also be extremely helpful.

For more information and details on how to submit, visit the Hopscotch Films website.

What you get:  Hopscotch Films will pay £1,000 for the best treatment or first draft screenplay, and in addition to this will develop your work with you so it’s ready to seek production finance and actually get made.

Deadline:  Sunday Dec 15th 2013 at 11.59pm

Source:  BBC Writersroom

Opportunities Weekly Round-up: 15 November 2013

Our weekly round-up of opportunities listed on the blog that haven’t yet reached their closing date (listed in order of closing date).

Pokfulham Rd Productions seeking playwright for collaboration (fluent Korean required) – No deadline posted

Applications open for Sundance Theatre Lab (USA, $35 Application fee) – Deadline: 15 November 2013

Bush Theatre seeking readers – Deadline: 15 November 2013

White Rabbit seeking short stories on theme of ‘Birthday’ – Deadline: 15 November 2013

Broken Glass Theatre Co seeking 15-20 minute performances for Short Fuse – Deadline: 16 November 2013

Write on Tap seeking plays of up to 20 min – Deadline: 21 November 2013

3rd annual Jewish Playwriting Contest open for submissions – Deadline: 21 November 2013

Applications open for Artist’s Residency with Traverse Theatre – Deadline: 25 November 2013

IdeasTap: accepting creative writing submissions on theme of ‘boredom’ – Deadline: 29 November 2013

The Ronald Duncan Prize 2013 – Deadline: 30 November 2013

Sussex Playwrights’ Club seeking plays of up to 60 min for Constance Cox Playwriting Competition (Entry fee: £7) – Deadline: 30 November 2013

New Musical Project at Leicester Square Theatre seeking new one act musicals – Deadline: 1 December 2013

10th Women Playwrights International Conference accepting submissions (women writers only) – Deadline: 1 December 2013

BBC Writersroom 10 open to applications (Nomination from theatre required) – Deadline: 2 December 2013

Steyning Festival 2014 seeking new plays (45 minutes or less) for site-specific rehearsed readings – Deadline: 5 December 2013

Sky Arts Futures Fund – £30K bursaries to be won (18-30 year olds) – Deadline: 6 December 2013 at 5pm

Playwrights’ Progress Development Opportunity from Writers Guild of Great Britain – Deadline: 11 December 2013

Trinity College London International Playwriting Competition accepting entries of one-act plays for young people (Fee required) – Deadline: 13 December 2013

DVM Theatre accepting submissions for scratch night – Deadline: 13 December 2013

Little Pieces of Gold seeking 10 minute plays for January showcase -Deadline: 15 December 2013

Bush Theatre open to proposals for new plays – Deadline: 20 December 2013 (*Note: Submissions open 21 November 2013)

Lace Market Theatre seeking new play submissions – Deadline: 31 December 2013

Red Planet Prize 2013 open to entries for television writing – Deadline: 6 January 2014

TLW LEXiCON Play and Short Story Competition (£3 submission fee) – Deadline: 10 January 2014 (*Note:  Submissions don’t open until 1 November 2013!)

Write Now 5 Festival at Brockley Jack seeking submissions of full-length plays (SE London writers only) – Deadline: 27 January 2014

The Paul Darby prize for drama is now open for submissions (entry fee £5) – Deadline: 28 February 2014


Ongoing submissions:

ScriptSpace development workshop at The Space – Deadline: None

Shred Productions open to submissions – Deadline: None (open submissions)

Open Arts Cafe Call for Submissions – Deadline: None posted

Theatre Centre announces award winners in writing for young audiences

Theatre Centre has announced the winners of its competitions recognizing and supporting writing for young people.

Danny Braverman won the Brian Way Award for Wot? No fish!!.  The £6,000 is designed to support the development of a new play.

Lou Ramsden received the Adrienne Benham Award, a £2,000 prize and attachment that supports writers developing their work for young audiences.

More information about the awards and judging process can be found in this article from The Stage.

Source:  The Stage

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