Little Pieces of Gold Seeking Ten Minute Plays on the Subject of ‘Brexit’

Little Pieces of Gold are seeking short plays for their 16th October production at Southwark Playhouse. Selected plays will be cast and fully rehearsed by their team of directors and then staged at Southwark Playhouse on Sunday 16th October.

What to submit: in their own words

“For this production your plays should address some aspect of our exit from the EU. For example, what does it mean to no longer be a member of the European Union – how does it affect our sense of national identity and how significant is that in the context of our personal identity?

Or perhaps you want to look at the politicians’ antics – the jostling and manoeuvring and then the resultant leadership battles?  Or maybe you want to probe more deeply into the reasons behind people’s choices – their deep concerns about their lives and futures?”


  • Plays should be no longer than ten minutes but MUST fit the theme of ‘Who Are We?’ set against a backdrop of the Referendum.
  • Minimal set, sound/lighting
  • No extracts from full-length plays
  • Four characters maximum

Eligibility: Playwrights must live in the UK.

How to apply: Please send your scripts to

Deadline for Submissions: 7 September 2016 at Midnight

Source: BBC Writersroom


3 thoughts on “Little Pieces of Gold Seeking Ten Minute Plays on the Subject of ‘Brexit’”

    1. Hi Molly, The submissions email address can be found clicking through the link, but we’ve also now updated the post with this info – thanks for pointing out it was missing!

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