Writers’ Mutual writing group

Writers’ Mutual
Sloane Square, Wednesdays 11am-1pm

This small group of writers meets on Wednesdays to share works-in-progress (be they short stories, novels, scripts, poetry, non-fiction or any other form of writing) and offer group feedback. There’s a relaxed, friendly and mutually supportive atmosphere, with tea and coffee; an experienced facilitator with over 1000 hours of critique group leadership guides the feedback.

The format allows attendance on a drop-in basis, although members get the most out of the group by attending regularly.

If you’d like to discuss joining the group, please email workshops@nquentinwoolf.co.uk, giving some idea of where you’re at with your writing and what you’re currently working on (or have in mind for the near future). Some track record of literary creation is preferable, whether on a casual, experimental or professional basis.

Your first session is free so that you can see how you like it.

Start time 11am sharp.

Visit nquentinwoolf.com

Deadline:  None

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