Call for submissions: Open Arts Cafe

Open Arts Café is accepting submissions for the Spring/Summer Season 2014.  Open Arts Café is a monthly themed arts evening giving artists from all mediums a chance to present new and original work at various stages of development. Open Arts Café was established in 2008 to give artists a chance to present their work in developmental and/or performance stage in a non-pressurised, dynamic and constructive atmosphere. The venue is near Marble Arch, London.

Open Arts Café is committed to maintaining a high artistic standard by continually challenging both the artists and the audience and creating a forum for inventiveness, experimentation and growth.  Music, theatre, film, puppetry, poetry, comedy, visual arts, dance, acrobatics…

How to apply:  Please submit with links and samples of either past work (if this is a new idea you want to work on) or of the work you want to submit.

Please get in touch with any questions about the themes and how the night is run.

  • May 29th ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ (hidden agendas, illusions, deceit…)
  • June 26th ‘Wayfaring Stranger’ (travelling, encounters with stranger…)
  • July 24th ‘Lazy Hazy Days’ (summertime fun…)

Contact Maya at

On FB page


Deadline:  None posted

Source: Lane’s List

Menagerie seeking submissions for One Page Play Competition at Hotbed 2014

Menagerie is now accepting entries for the One Page Play Competition which will take place at this year’s Hotbed, Cambridge’s premier new writing festival, from 10-13 July 2014.

All entries will be read and the best will be performed by professional actors throughout the Hotbed weekend at Cambridge Junction.

What to submit:  The one page plays can be about ANY subject from current politics to soap opera relationships. The possibilities are endless. The only RULES are:

  • 1 Page of A4 only (10-12 point text)
  • No more than 8 actors featured in the play
  • The duration should be no longer than 4 minutes

What you get:  They are looking for 24 scripts. Audience members will vote on the best play out of those presented and the winner will receive £100 to donate to a charity of their choice.

How to apply:  To enter, email your one page play to:

Deadline:  12 June 2014

Source:  Lane’s List

Time Zone Theatre Company seeking proposals for full-length plays inspired by Karl Kraus’s The Last Days of Mankind (£1000 fee for writer)

In the year of the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of WWI, Time Zone Theatre Company invites British and international playwrights to write a play in response to Austrian writer Karl Kraus’s epic The Last Days of Mankind

Prompt from Time Zone Theatre Company:

The project explores what Kraus’s play The Last Days of Mankind means in Great Britain nowadays. What relevance does this play have in our time and to a British audience? We will look at one of the most influential Austrian plays from a different angle by using it as starting point to enter an intercultural dialogue about the first World War, global conflicts nowadays, and the part the people are playing in them.

Kraus’s play centers around the absurdity of war, the lifes of people who are forced to continue their lives under these morbid circumstances, and the role the media plays. We are interested in thought-provoking plays and are open to all kind of work, which can also be inspired by thoughts such as:

  • War – absurdity or necessity?
  • Glorification vs. Vergangenheitsbewältigung: Different perceptions of the war in the UK and Austria.
  • Propaganda: Which role plays the media in global conflicts nowadays?
  • From 1914 to 2014: What has changed?

The aim of this project is to encourage intercultural collaboration and to make one of the most important Austrian playwrights known to and accessible for a greater public. We encourage playwrights to use Kraus as inspiration, but also to challenge the play and its relevance nowadays, and to write their very own response, which will lead to an interesting intercultural dialogue.

What to submit:  If you are interested in participating, please send an email to to receive a copy of Karl Kraus’s The Last Days of Mankind.

Playwrights should submit:

  • A CV (max 2 pages)
  • A short summary (max 500 words)
  • A treatment 
  • A draft of the first 5 – 10 pages

Your submission must meet the following criteria:

  • Plays should have a running time between 60 and 80 minutes.
  • Plays must require a cast NO GREATER THAN 4 (the play can have more characters).
  • Plays must be relevant to our time and Great Britain and should use Kraus’s play as inspiration, this can be with regards to content and/or style. However, they are looking for original plays and Kraus’s work should be nothing more than an inspiration. 
  • The play can either lead into Kraus’s epilogue and use it as its last scene, OR it can be a self-contained play. The running time of 60-80 minutes applies in any case to the ORIGINAL PART OF THE PLAY.
  • Plays must be suitable to be performed in a studio space with an approximate size of the stage of 6.40m x 6.80m.
  • The call is open to writers with any level of experience.

What you get:  Out of all submissions received, one play will be selected to be performed for a 4-weeks-run at Tristan Bates Theatre in autumn 2014, together with the epilogue of Karl Kraus’s work. The successful writer will receive fee of £ 1,000.

How to apply:  How to apply: Submissions should be send via email to with “play submission” in the subject line. The deadline is 6pm on Wednesday 4th June 2014. They will meet a shortlist of writers in the w/c 9th June, and the successful writer will be announced on 15th June.

Deadline:  Wednesday 4 June 2014 at 6pm

Source:  Lane’s List

News: BBC Writersroom 10 announced

The BBC have announced the selected writers for the BBC Writersroom 10, an initiative that partners writers with theatres who will support them during the year-long development scheme, and gives them a £1000 seed commission to develop a new work.

The selected writers are:

  • Alice Birch – West Yorkshire Playhouse
  • Carol Vine – Brockley Jack
  • Ellie Stewart – Traverse Theatre
  • Frank McCabe – Greyscale
  • Matilda Ibini – Soho Theatre
  • Ian Townsend – Bolton Octagon
  • Joe White – Birmingham Rep
  • Lisa Jen Brown – National Theatre Wales
  • Mufaro Makubika – Nottingham Playhouse
  • Samuel E Taylor – Bristol Old Vic

Congratulations, all!

Source:  BBC Writersroom Blog

Opportunities weekly round-up: 25 April 2014

Our weekly Friday round-up of opportunities listed on the blog that haven’t yet reached their closing date (listed in order of closing date).

Rosebery Management accepting short film scripts for 30th anniversary – Deadline: none posted

New York Television Festival at BAFTA Forum – Deadline: event scheduled for 25 April 2014

Chesil Theatre Company accepting 10 minute plays– Deadline: 25 April 2014

Introduction to short film screenwriting workshop with IdeasTap – Deadline: 25 April 2014

New Perspectives Theatre seeks playwright for rural theatre research project – Deadline: 25 April 2014

A Friend of a Friend Productions seeking short plays about Southwark in ‘What’s Your Story?’ (Southwark-based writers only) – Deadline: 30 April 2014

Royal Society of Literature Brookleaze Grants for Writers – Deadline: 30 April 2014

East 15 playwriting competition open for submissions – Deadline: 30 April 2014

Traverse Theatre open to submissions from UK Writers – Deadline: 30 April 2014

Play Submissions Helper publishes contests with May (and late-April) deadlines – Deadlines: May (and late April)

Sixteen Feet Productions accepting short plays (Lambeth based writers only) – Deadline: 1 May 2014

Bare Fiction Magazine accepting submissions of short plays for June 2014 issue – Deadline: 3 May 2014

Little Pieces of Gold seeking 10 minute plays on subject of Social Media – Deadline: 5 May 2014

Sketch submissions sought for Behind the Bikeshed – Deadline: 5 May 2014

DVM Theatre accepting ideas for scratch night – Deadline: 9 May 2014

Tamasha seeking submissions for scratch night – Deadline: 9 May 2014

Introduction to Playwriting Workshop with Papatango and Ideastap – Deadline: 9 May 2014

BBC Writersroom’s Scriptroom 6 coming soon – accepting submissions of Comedy (Radio/TV/Film) – Deadline: 12 May 2014 (*Note: Submissions do not open until 28 April 2014)

BAFTA accepting scripts for comedy showcase (entry fee) – Deadline: 19 May 2014

ArtsEd Short Film Scripts – a chance to get your short film produced – Deadline: 23 May 2014

Liverpool Hope Playwriting Prize launched (£20 entry fee) – Deadline: 30 May 2014

BBC Writersroom/ IdeasTap writing workshop – Deadline: 30 May 2014

Organised Chaos accepting submissions (£5 entry) – Deadline: 31 May 2014

Pint-sized Plays 2014 – open for submissions (entry fee)- Deadline: 31 May 2014

IdeasTap accepting submissions on theme of ‘Apocalypse’ – Deadline: 13 June 2014 at 5pm

The Newspeak Theatre Company seeks writer for their writers-room – Deadline: 30 June 2014

2013 Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award– Deadline: 1 July 2014

2014 William Saroyan Prize for Human Rights / Social Justice ($10,000 prize, $20 entry fee) – Deadline: 15 July 2014

Alfred Fagon award 2014 open for applications from playwrights of Caribbean or African descent – Deadline: 1 August 2014

Yale Drama Series Competition 2014 – Deadline 15 August 2014

Ongoing submissions:

Ice & Fire/ Amnesty International UK – rolling submissions for plays with human rights theme – Deadline: Ongoing

Performance Platform Opportunity, University of Greenwich – Deadline: None posted

Quids In Theatre Co seeking 40-60 minute plays for lunchtime series – Deadline: Ongoing

The Cockpit Theatre seeking work for scratch nights – No deadline posted but performances take place on the first Monday of the month through to June 2014.

ScriptSpace development workshop at The Space – Deadline: None

Shred Productions open to submissions – Deadline: None (open submissions)

Open Arts Cafe Call for Submissions – Deadline: None posted

Poppy Seed – accepting submissions of 5 minute scripts for blog – Deadline: None posted

BAREtruth Theatre looking for full length scripts – Deadline: None posted

Play Submissions Helper publishes contests with May (and late-April) deadlines

Play Submissions Helper has just published their monthly roundup of opportunities, featuring those with deadlines in late-April and May 2014.

As usual, we’ve already picked and posted the ones we’ve found most relevant (most of these are based in the US), but if you’d like to peruse the whole list you can find it here.

Source:  Play Submissions Helper

2014 William Saroyan Prize for Human Rights / Social Justice ($10,000 prize, $20 entry fee)

The new revised mission of the 2014 William Saroyan $10,000 Playwriting Award invites stimulating new works that explore socially and politically charged themes about Human Rights /Social Justice. Their aim is to harness theatre’s ability to make a relevant impact on our global society today.

They are looking for insightful and engaging plays that imaginatively interpret this aim – stories on injustice, inequality, and those reducing the human and environmental cost of violence and those finding new ways of promoting a healthier and more peaceful, harmonious global community. They aim to find artists with courageous voices, imagination, and stories that uphold human dignity.

What to submit:  Their new guidelines have been refined to reflect our new direction. Please consider carefully whether your script is likely to meet the criteria.

1. Contest is restricted to original plays written in the English language.
2. Worldwide submissions accepted.
3. All Submissions must be submitted electronically in the form of a PDF.
4. Scripts must have received a professional reading and/or workshop, but not a production prior to submission deadline.
5. Plays must be full length (Min. of 60 mins.) and adhere to standard playwriting format.
6. No adaptations or children’s plays.
7. Plays must have Human Rights/Social Justice at heart.
8. Submissions not following exact rules as stated will be disqualified.
9. Only “invited” playwrights will be asked to submit scripts after sending in synopsis.

Works must examine Human Rights/Social Justice issues as a central and deliberate theme. They are unlikely to consider plays, for example, that deal with issues of personal freedoms without placing them in a wider political and social context. To be included in this contest, they suggest some thoughts to help determine whether your play falls within our parameters of consideration:

Play addresses issues that create barriers to social justice or dramatizes a social injustice:

• Supports life and dignity of the human person
• Influences attitudes of tolerance between and within racial groups
• Fosters new understanding and builds respect for cultural differences and identity
• Supports creative approaches to addressing issues of social justice/injustice
• Demonstrates the performing arts as a powerful tool and community resource for facilitating civic engagement and advancing social change
• Makes the audience bear witnesses to social injustice
• Inspires others to action against a social injustice
• Proposes solutions for social injustice
• Raises awareness of a little recognized social injustice or argues on behalf of an ignored human right

Play about horrors of war, torture, oppression, religious intolerance, racism, genocide, gender discrimination, bearing witness to suffering, abuse of human rights are plays about Human Rights /Social Justice.

What you pay:  There is a $20 entry fee if you are invited to submit to the competition (after initial screening of synopses).

What you get: 

  • 1st Place Award: $10,000, Staged Reading
  • 2 Finalists: Final Draft Software, ($350 value) Staged Reading
  • Armenian Excellence Award:  To continue fostering our previous mission of supporting scripts based on Armenian themes so that our stories are told, we propose a special consideration award to be given to the best script written on an Armenian theme.

How to apply:  Applications can be made via the contest’s website.  The submission process is as follows:

  • Submit a half page synopsis (200-300 words) of your play and a few sentences about how you think your play engages with a “Human Rights/Social Justice” theme. If the play meets the new criteria, you will be notified to submit your script. If invited to send in your play, please email 2 electronic PDF submissions to, first including your name and second without your name. (Any appearance of the playwright’s name, initials or other identifiable marks on any part of the blind script will disqualify the entry).
  • The cover page of first script must include – the title of the play, the playwright’s full name, address, email and phone number.
  • If you are invited to submit, please make $20 entry fee payment online at
  • Each entry must include a completed entry form.
  • Submission deadline – June 15 – July 15, 2014.
  • Scripts must be in English and the original work of the author/s.
  • Scripts that do not meet submission guidelines will be disqualified.

Deadline:  15 July 2014

Source:  @Playwriting_UK

Introduction to Playwriting Workshop with Papatango and Ideastap

Papatango Theatre Company is hosting two playwriting masterclasses for 24 budding writers. They will be led by Papatango’s resident playwright May Sumbwanyambe. Twelve writers will attend each workshop.

These masterclasses will introduce you to the fundamentals of playwriting, such as character, narrative, structure, theatricality, dialogue, theme, plot and atmosphere.

The judges of this brief are looking for IdeasTap members with a passion for writing plays combined with a clear vision and ambition.

May is writer in residence with Papatango on a BBC Theatre Fellowship. He has previously been stationed at West Yorkshire Playhouse, Liverpool Playhouse, and Hull Truck Theatre.  Papatango’s artistic director George Turvey will also be present to offer guidance on how to present your play in the best light when submitting to companies, venues and competitions.  Papatango’s plays have transferred worldwide, won National Theatre, Critics’ Circle and Off West End Theatre awards, and gone on to premiere with Out of Joint and the RSC.

The masterclasses will take place at IdeasTap. The dates are Friday 16 May and Tuesday 20 May, 10am to 2pm on both days.

How to apply:  Applications can be made via the Ideastap Brief.  (Note: You need an Ideastap profile to apply.)

Deadline:  9 May 2014 at 5pm

Source:  @Playwriting_UK

Bare Fiction Magazine accepting submissions of short plays for June 2014 issue

Bare Fiction Magazine is currently accepting submissions of short plays for its June 2014 issue.

What they’re looking for:  In their own words:

“We want our readers to discover genre-defying boldness from exciting writers in poetry, fiction and plays, literary review, interviews and commentary. To that end, we need prose, poetry and play texts that instantly grab our minds and take us on extraordinary literary journeys. If your work is competently written but doesn’t have the kind of depth that makes the readers work just that little bit harder, then it’s probably not for us. We want you to make peoples eyes open wider and their minds race with excitement as they feast on your words.”

What to submit:  Submissions for short plays or self contained play extracts should be limited to approximately 10 pages of text. Please give a full synopsis in your covering letter and, if applicable, include details of any performances of the text you have received or productions planned.

Please do not send more than one active submission at a time. We do not accept translations or work that have been previously published in print or online. Only original unpublished work submitted by the author will be considered. No submissions by publishers, presses or agents please.

How to apply:  Applications can be made via their website.

Ensure that your name does not appear on the uploaded documents. The uploaded file/s will  be electronically tagged to the details of the writer, but they operate a blind submission policy.

What you get:  Contributors will receive a copy of the magazine issue in which their submission is printed and can also purchase extra copies at a substantially reduced rate if they wish.

Deadline:  3 May 2014

Source:  Playwriting UK Facebook Group

News: Papatango Writing Competition Shortlist announced

Papatango have announced the shortlist for their annual writing competition, run in association with the Finborough Theatre.  The shortlisted plays are:

Briar Rose
City Melodies
Come Home, Badger Gash
Stage Irish
The Demolition

The identities of the writers have not been announced, since they operate a blind submission policy.

Good luck to these lucky writers in the final stage!