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London Writers’ Week 2018 announces its’ programme

London Writers’ Week is back for 2018 and we’re proud to announce that London Playwrights’ Blog is on board again as a partner!

London Writers’ Week, the annual week providing access to and showcasing the best new ideas going on in new writing in the UK and the new writing version of London Fashion Week, has announced its programme for 2018.

Having successfully raised money for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017, supported by the Tabernacle Theatre and Bush Theatre, London Writers’ Week 2018 is dedicated to supporting organizations promoting diversity in the arts.

The week takes place from 18 July 2018 – 21 July 2018

the week’s 2018 theme is film and will include sessions on playwriting and film, digital media and film, television and film, film and other areas such as how to get and keep an agent.

The week is also announcing new partner The London Screenwriters’ Festival, who is joining the organisation’s group of partners who support the week’s aim to provide access to and showcase the best new ideas going on in new writing in the UK.

Highlights of this year’s London Writers’ Week include:


  • A session with BAFTA nominated writer and co-Chair of Film at The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain Andrea Gibb on The Writers’ Guild’s new campaign “Equality Writes” and advice for women who write for or would like to write for film.
  • Advice on writing for film from the Raindance Film Festival, the UK’s largest independent film festival, which has staged the UK premieres of films including “The Blair Witch Project”, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” and “Memento”.
  • Advice on getting and keeping an agent and how having an agent works from Kat Buckle, agent at Curtis Brown, one of the UK’s leading and most innovative literary agencies.
  • Advice on writing for film from the London Screenwriters’ Festival, the world’s largest professional screenwriting event.
  • A pitching workshop with Bob Shultz, founder of the Great American Pitchfest who works with the London Screenwriters’ Festival.
  • Advice on teaching and working with young people in terms of film from Into Film, who are leading the way in terms of film and young people.
  • A writing workshop and writers networking session run by the London Playwrights Blog on playwriting and film.
  • The Diversity School Initiative and Actor Awareness on increasing diversity in the arts.

Jennifer Tuckett, Director of London Writers’ Week said: “We are excited our fourth London Writers’ Week’s theme is film and that we are donating 100% of our profits to organisations promoting diversity in the arts. There has been a lot of discussion this year about diversity in the arts and we hope this year’s week will provide a useful programme of access to some of the best work and new ideas going on in terms of new writing and film in the UK, as well as raising money for an important cause.”

The organisations which will be supported by this year’s London Writers’ Week are The Diversity School Initiative, which campaigns for greater diversity in drama schools and whose board members include Vicky Featherstone, Artistic Director of the Royal Court Theatre, Actor Awareness, which campaigns for working class actors and writers and who recently made “The Acting Class” documentary with Maxine Peake, Christopher Eccleston and others, the London Playwrights Blog, an invaluable resource providing access to opportunities and advice, and University Women in the Arts, which aims to improve the transition from women studying the arts to working in the arts.

For more information and to book tickets please go to the London Writers’ Week website. 

Check out the London Playwright’s Blog London Writers’ Week here!

Join us for the all new LPW Online Book Club!

The LPW Online Book Club is just one of the things you can access if you become a member! Not a member yet? Well, if you want a jump start for your writing for the price of a cup of coffee, what are you waiting for? Sign up here today! (Want more reasons to join and a bit more info? Read this).

We’re changing the way we do Book Club…

Our online Book Club has been running for a few months now and we’ve read some diverse and brilliant plays – and taken part in some vibrant discussion! However, we haven’t had as many of you engaging with as we’d have liked, so recently we took to our Facebook group to ask our members how we could improve things…

We’ve your feedback on board and have come up with a new and improved version of Book Club!

Texts will be announced seasonally

One of the major things you wanted was plenty of time to get your hands on and read the play before the discussion, so we’ll now be announcing the texts in seasonal three monthly blocks.

How does it work? 

We’ll post a reminder of the chosen play at the start of each month.

Many of you found it tricky to join in the discussion when it was scheduled for a specific time, so instead, from the 15th of each month, discussion will open on our Facebook Group and stay open. You can dip in and out throughout the rest of the month as much or as little as you like, whenever is convenient for you.

All you need to do is read the play and come on over to our Members Facebook Group to join the discussion! Book club threads will be marked with the hashtag #bookclub, so it will be easy to find the discussion.

(Please note, to avoid spoilers for those who haven’t finished the play yet, any comments posted on our Facebook Group prior to 15th of each month will be deleted). 

When does it start? 

The next Book Club starts on 1 July 2018, where we’ll send out a reminder to read the text. The discussion will then open on our Facebook Group from 15 July 2018. 

What plays will we be reading this summer?  


July: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (William Shakespeare)

August: A Raisin In The Sun (Lorraine Hansberry)

September: Look Back in Anger (John Osborne)

Why not join us and get the chance to discuss plays with other playwrights and to get to know other LPW members? Find out more about joining here!

Image by LW Lang via Flickr CC

Twenty-four-hour harassment and mental health helpline launches for theatre professionals

A free helpline set up to provide health and well-being support is now available for theatre industry professionals.

The 24-hour service has been set up by the Society of London Theatre and UK Theatre, providing a phone and email service from June 14.

Called the Theatre Helpline, it is intended to offer confidential support and advice on issues such as bullying and harassment, mental health, careers and finance.

It will run as a pilot for one year and is available free of charge to anyone working in the theatre industry. It is being described as a safe space to share worries and concerns, and callers will be directed to the sources they need to seek professional help if necessary.

Read the full article here.

Source: The Stage

Our new privacy policy

As one of our LPW members very accurately (and humorously) stated, you’d have to be living on another planet not to know about GDPR!

You’ll have received an email about how to reconfirm your subscription to our mailing list, which you’ll need to do if you’d like to keep getting the Weekly Roundup to your inbox.

If you’ve acted on that email, you’ll be all sorted, and don’t need to do anything else!

If for some reason you haven’t seen this email, you can access the newsletter subscription form here to indicate what kind of information you’d like to get from us.  (Please note that if you’re already a subscriber, you might be prompted to follow a link from your email to update your account instead.)

And in the meantime, if you’re curious about how we safeguard your data and security, you can access the full details here:

Read our new privacy policy

This policy applies to both London Playwrights’ Blog and London Playwrights’ Workshop (and can be viewed on both sites).  If you have any questions, you can always reach us at

Thanks for reading, and happy writing!

Image: BiljaST via Pixabay (CC Licence)

Theatre Uncut and Young Vic launch UK’s first major political playwriting award

Theatre Uncut has launched the UK’s first major political playwriting prize in partnership with the Young Vic in London.

Edinburgh’s Traverse Theatre and the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff are also partners to the award, which aims to find the next generation of political playwrights.

What you get: the writer of the winning play will receive £9,500 and an agreement to option the production of the play to Theatre Uncut and the award partners.

Who can apply: the award is open to writers who have not had more than two plays produced professionally with runs of three weeks or more.

How to apply: more information to follow!

Deadline: 1 November 2018 (submissions open on 1 September 2018)

Source: The Stage

WGGB launches FREE Musical Theatre Kit

The WGGB has launched a free resource on musical theatre. The Musical Theatre Kit covers creation, development and production and signposts the places where detailed information can be found about each aspect of the process.

The Kit explores how musical theatre is a collaborative art-form. It recognises that the material is created by a combination of book writers, composers and lyricists – or devised by a collective of writers and performers.

It initially focuses on helping this writing team with copyright ownership, copyright merging and small rights issues. Advice on the key steps for writers is supplied, alongside additional online sample contracts and resources.

The focus then shifts to advice on working with the source material itself, whether an original story, an adaption of existing material in the public domain – out of copyright – or an adaption of an existing work that is still in copyright.

The Kit also investigates the part of the process when the appropriate rights have been acquired, the collaboration agreement has been reached, and the writing process begins.

Finally, advice is offered to writers at the stage when turning the ideas into production kicks off in earnest, after the musical has been written.

At each stage, the budding writer and working partners are given information and sources to smooth their path. This Kit should prove a vital document in encouraging and supporting writers for musical theatre.

How to get it: The Musical Theatre Kit is available online as a free PDF, which you can download here.

Source: Playwriting UK Facebook Group

Sparks – HighTide’s new script submission process

Sparks is HighTide’s new script submission process. Here’s how it works:

“We want to get better at keeping writers in the loop with our reading process. We’re a small team and the volume of submissions we get through our open call-out make it hard for us to respond individually and quickly to writers. We realise that this can make the submissions process feel impenetrable at times, and we want to do something about it, so we’re trialling a new way to read plays: Sparks.”

During the week members of HighTide’s small but passionate team will spend a designated day reading any play submissions that come through to the literary email account that day.

If the team read your play, they’ll send feedback the very same day! At the end of the day, if they still haven’t managed to get to your piece and you don’t hear from them, you can resubmit the next reading day.

“We’re hoping this will allow us to respond directly to submissions, keep things live so you know if we’ve read your play or not rather than waiting, and for us to let you know immediately if we feel you’re right for us.”

How to apply: Keep an eye on their Twitter account for the days they’ll be reading each week, or if you don’t have Twitter send an email to! You’ll need to send in an equal opps form along with your script, which can be downloaded here.

Deadline: Rolling/ weekly 

Source: @PlaywritingUK


University Women in the Arts’ International Women’s Day Event at the Royal Court Theatre

University Women In the Arts, the one off mentoring scheme to improve the transition for women from studying the arts to working in the arts, has announced its International Women’s Day event for 2018.

The event will focus on and respond to the recent discussions on abuse, bullying and harassment in the arts, focusing particularly on female arts students and how universities, the arts industry and students can tackle and help eradicate bullying and harassment in the arts.

Taking place at the Royal Court Theatre on March 9th from 3pm, the event will cover what universities can do to help students deal with, tackle and help eradicate bullying and harassment in the arts, what the arts industry can do to help students deal with, tackle and help eradicate this issue, and there will be a session for female arts students, female recent arts graduates and women wanting to work in the arts to share their views and experiences via creating work in response to this subject which will be published.

Speakers will include Professor Pamela Burnard, Professor of Arts, Creativities and Education at the University of Cambridge, one of the world’s leading experts on arts and education, and Justine Hardy, daughter of actor Robert Hardy and a leading British journalist, author, psychologist, and conflict trauma therapist.

The event will also include a showcase of work created by the fifteen female mentees who have been selected for the private part of the University Women in the Arts mentoring scheme and who were selected from a nationwide search of female arts students at university level.

When and where: Royal Court Theatre on 9 March from 3pm,

How to book: More information and free tickets can be booked at:

For more information on the University Women in the Arts scheme in general and to join the mailing list to be kept informed of future events please go to:

Source: Direct contact

A New Chapter for LPB…

Support LPB – Become a Member!

The past four years of running London Playwrights’ Blog have been wonderful – we’ve loved getting to work with and support so many incredible writers.

But they have also been challenging. As we’ve grown our work, we’ve needed to build the infrastructure to support that. Even with a team working on a volunteer basis, finding the funds to cover our basic costs (web hosting, insurance, accountant fees) has been a bit of a struggle.

So… we’re taking a leap of faith.

We are launching a membership site:

If you have read our blog and benefitted from the opportunities we’ve posted, we hope you’ll think about joining. For only the cost of a cup of coffee, you can provide the vital to keep our work running – and do even more.

If you sign up as a member, in addition to securing the future of London Playwrights’ Blog, you’re going to get special benefits – exclusive digital content, quarterly member meetups, a members-only Facebook group, and lots more to come.

Visit our site to learn more about what we’re offering to members and why you should join.

Plus if you join now, you can get a free booking code to our London Writers’ Week events this Saturday 8 July at the Bush Theatre!  We’d love to see you at our events, or for drinks in the bar afterwards if you want to meet us, learn more about what we’re doing, and celebrate our launch!

Our regular LPB opportunities listings and blog content will continue to be offered for free to all, so don’t worry – the resource that you already know and love isn’t going anywhere!

It’s been a real pleasure giving to you, the wonderful writers in this community. We’ll hope you’ll be inspired to give back to us. Join the movement of new writers coming together to make a bright future for new writing!

Check out our brand new Members’ site now!