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Behind the Scenes at LPB: An Intern’s Inside Look

 LPB’s Former Intern Hector Dyer shares his story on what it’s really like working at London Playwrights’ Blog.   Want to work with us?  Check out our current job postings!

My first proper day with London Playwrights Blog was a very literal case of learning on the job.

Despite plenty of phone calls and email correspondence, I met the team properly amidst all of us running around with frantic excitement on the morning of Dark Horse Festival.

Not only was it the best way to feel involved and get myself up to speed but it was also fantastic to understand what LPB is all about. Dark Horse Festival was a day of new writing with some phenomenal and provocative scripts displaying a wealth of talent and important voices to be heard. There was an industry audience in the afternoon and a public one in the evening, with plenty of nip and tucks made throughout the day.

The real eye-opener for me was the sheer support that the LPB team had given to the writers and this runs throughout all of their work; an incredibly generous and welcoming atmosphere to playwrights of any level.

The writers of Dark Horse Festival 2016. Image: Eulanda Shead Photography.

The subsequent months allowed me to learn in a slightly calmer environment but one where the same ethos and passion for new writing takes precedence.

I have since learnt how to use WordPress in spite of my ropey IT skills, written blog content and developed a knack for spotting online opportunities with alarming speed.

My main responsibilities have been to run the uploads of relevant opportunities to the blog, a job which once you get the swing of things becomes pretty speedy.

Whilst it’s obviously a fantastic resource for all playwrights, this job is brilliant for anyone who wants to find the best pockets of the internet, mailing lists, groups and other blogs for playwrights in general. It’s been an excellent learning curve in how to keep your ear close to the ground all the time and make sure that nothing passes you by.

On a practical level, getting to know the ropes of WordPress is hugely important. Anyone who’s wishing to set-up their own blog or website but isn’t sure how to really needs to get lessons from LPB Director A.C. Smith a.k.a. Alli! She can vouch for me when I say I was a total and utter novice in this regard at first but Alli ensured that a programme which looks fiendish initially has since become second nature.

A.C. Smith and Kimberley Andrews at Dark Horse Festival 2016. Image: Eulanda Shead Photography.

The other great thing about learning this way is that you can go straight in to contributing to a blog which has been established for a number of years – there are a lot of past examples to reference and you’re not trying to build something from scratch.

I was also able to help out at workshops run by Alli and Kimberley – running the Front of House and generally being an extra pair of hands in the sessions. It’s another good way of meeting people in this field, making connections and understanding what it takes to put on practical hands-on help for writers.

Overall it’s been a brilliant team to be part of and for anyone looking to gain some experience in the literary world I can’t recommend it enough.

The true testament of why I’ve enjoyed my time so much though is fully down to the people involved.

All of the team have been unfailingly friendly and welcoming, totally understanding of any personal commitments and truly focused on doing the best for everyone involved.

In a short time, with plenty of career advice from the LPB team, it’s been a perfect stepping stone to future projects!

Since finishing his internship, Hector Dyer has gone on to create performance work at the Barbican Centre and for New Diorama’s Incoming Festival with Bellow Theatre. You can follow him on Twitter at @HectorTDyer.

Cover image: Kazu End

Tamasha Playwrights Year 3: Call Out

Tamasha Developing Artists (TDA) is soliciting applications for the third year of its Tamasha Playwrights group.

Tamasha Playwrights is a writer-led collective founded in October 2014 by Tamasha’s Artistic Director Fin Kennedy and formed of eight playwrights from a diverse range of backgrounds.

The aims of Tamasha Playwrights are:

  • To offer long-term career development in a supportive environment to 8 emerging playwrights per year from culturally diverse backgrounds.
  • To train playwrights as producers, fundraisers, workshop leaders and project managers, as well as offering craft-based session on playwriting itself.
  • To support and encourage group members to be the creative leads on their own project ideas, to empower them to make a living as artists in between play commissions.
  • To factor in regular showcase opportunities to promote the writers and their work to the professional theatre industry. 

The content of each session is determined by the participants. As well as covering aspects of the craft of playwriting, these sessions have included workshops on producing your own work, budgeting a fringe show, and how to sustain a career as a freelance writer. Visiting speakers have included representatives from the National Theatre, Soho Theatre, Tricycle Theatre and the Royal Court, as well as freelance producers and directors.

What to Submit: 

  • One full length play for the stage (please note that screenplays cannot be considered, though stage plays for young people, stage musicals and radio plays can be).
  • A full CV (including writing and work experience + full contact details).
  • A covering letter, no more than 1 side of A4, outlining your relevant experience, your reasons for applying and what you hope to gain from taking part. There is also an equal opportunities form to be found on the webpage.

How to Apply: Please email Anuja Batra on with your application with subject line ‘Tamasha Playwrights’ or call the office on 0207 749 0090 if you have any questions.

Deadline: 26 September 2016

Source: Tamasha

Script Editor For Casualty

There  is an opportunity for an experienced script editor to join the Scripting Team on one of the BBC’s flagship continuing Drama Series, Casualty.

The role includes ensuring that commissioned scripts are of the required standard which conform to the editorial brief and are available for use at the appropriate time. Along with this you will advise on all script related matters associated with the production, and manage the relationship between the writer and the production whilst generating creative ideas and story ideas of the highest standard consistent with Casualty.

How to Apply: Applications can be made through the BBC Careers Hub.

Deadline: 15 September 2016

Source: BBC Writersroom

The Daniel Owen Writing Competition (11-25 years old, Wales)

Theatre Clwyd is open for applications to the Daniel Owen Writing Competition. A shortlist of chosen works will be performed at the awards night of the Daniel Owen festival by professional actors. The winning writer will receive a cash prize and an award.

To mark 100 years since the birth of Roald Dahl, this year’s theme is “The Unexpected – A Twist in the Tale”.

Eligibility : 11-25 years old. No geographic restrictions are listed, but please not the award event takes place in Wales.

What to submit: Poems, short stories and 5-10 minutes plays in English or Welsh are all accepted.

How to Apply: Applicants attach a completed application form and their writing to

Deadline: 3 October 2016

Source: @Playwrititng_UK

20% Discount on Playpen Sessions with David Lane (£120)

Playpens are 100-minute sessions of one-on-one professional feedback with David Lane for your writing. The sessions will be conducted over Skype or phone and there will be follow-up guidance.
The sessions will be held  between October – December 2016.
In addition if you book before midnight on Monday 12th September you only pay £120 – receiving 20% off the usual price of £150.
How to Apply: Click on the Paypal link here to book a session.
Deadline for reduction: 12 September 2016
Source: Direct contact

10-15 minute pieces for Itch + Scratch night

Itch + Scratch are accepting submissions for their latest show of new writing at the Hackney Showroom.

The audience comes first at Itch + Scratch so take into consideration the format and ethos of their events when submitting material, particularly in regards to cast size and equal representation.

What to submit: 10-15 minutes in length.  Can be a stand-alone short play, or an extract from a full-length piece; must work as a cohesive and self contained piece that runs straight through from beginning to end. Any theme or content.

How to apply: Email pieces to

Deadline: 23 September 2016

Source: Twitter


Pathos theatre looking for new full-length play

Pathos Theatre Productions are receiving submissions from emerging playwrights to commission a full-length play.

The play will be performed in a London venue and writers will be involved in the rehearsal process.

What to submit: No longer than 90 minutes and no more than four characters. Plays must be new and never previously performed, although R&D is fine. Casts which are gender equality minded. The theme is open.

How to apply: Email submissions to

Deadline : 21 September 2016

Source: Private Contact

Van Eyck Call for Applications for Residency (€65 registration fee)

The Van Eyck invites artists, designers, photographers, architects, landscape architects, curators, writers, and thinkers to apply for a residency at the Jan van Eyck Academie for 6 up to 12 months.

The Van Eyck is an international multiform organization for fine art, design, and reflection. Successful applicants will have their own studio and a programme to produce work for.

For a full list of the relevant information click here.

What to submit: There is an online application form and applicants must submit a resume, a project proposal, a documentation of past work and your first ideas concerning an in-Lab.

How to apply: The online form is submitted through the webpage and the accompanying documents must be submitted as a pdf file no larger than 10 MB.

Deadline: 3 October 2016

Source: Playwrights’ Studio Scotland

YEP Young Everyman Playhouse Writers Two-Year Programme (Liverpool, age 18-25)

Young Everyman Playhouse is open for applications to join their two year writers programme. In this programme you will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of playwriting such as character, structure and narrative
  • Work with professional playwrights and theatre practitioners
  • Read and discuss plays as a group
  • Write monologues, short plays and try out ideas
  • Develop a new, full length play with one-to-one support from the Literary Department
  • Collaborate with other YEP strands to develop ideas.

Eligibility: 18-25 years old. Please note that sessions take place in Liverpool.

How to apply: Complete the online application form. All applications should be sent to:

What to submit: A monologue or short scene between three and ten pages long. It can be about anything you like, but should be written for performance.

Deadline: 2 September 2016

Source: PlaywritingUK Facebook page


Page To Stage seeking 10-minute scripts for rehearsed readings (£10 fee if selected)

Page to Stage are inviting writers to submit a NEW 10-minute scripts (or excerpt of a longer script) to be rehearsed by actors and directors, then shared and given feedback by an industry panel.

The next Page to Stage is on Wednesday 21 September at The Horse & Stables, London SE1 7RW.

What to submit: Scripts should have 2-4 characters, and be suitable for performance as a rehearsed reading in a small playing area. The actors who apply to Page to Stage always comprise more female than  male, with a broad range.

What you pay: A fee of £10 is collected from each writer on the night, to help with running the event.

How to apply:

  1. Email Miranda Harrison to request the short submission form and further details. Email address:
  2. Send the completed form plus your script to the same email address.

Deadline: 4 September 2016

Source: Direct Contact