Theatrefullstop call out for comedy sketches to be filmed (Saturday 18 February deadline)

Theatrefullstop is on the look out for 3-5 minute comedy sketches to be filmed on either Saturday 25 February or Sunday 26 February 2017.

These sketches will be filmed at a theatre venue and will be available to watch on Shoreditch Radio’s new digital magazine, Ditch Magazine.

What to submit: A 3-5 minute comedy sketch.

How to apply: Please send your script to Lucy Basaba at

Deadline: Saturday 18 February 2017

Source: Direct contact

Theatrefullstop in call out for bi-weekly podcast script submissions

Theatrefullstop are looking for 2-10 minute script submissions for their bi-weekly podcast.

Lucy Basaba of Theatrefullstop says it has  been recording podcasts with Shoreditch Radio since November 2016, and “this has been a welcomed addition to the theatre website.

“The podcast, recorded and played on Shoreditch Radio every other Sunday aims to showcase the works of both emerging and established writers.

“The podcast also offers a backstage insight into the theatre industry with interviews from writers, directors, producers, performers and more.”

What to submit: A 2-10 minute script.

How to apply: please send an email to Lucy Basaba at

Deadline: None posted.

Source: Direct contact

Escape the Scaffold – Theatre503 writers’ night and rapid write response

Theatre503 is inviting writers to come along to a writers’ night to take part in its ‘rapid write response scheme’ to see your script staged.

How does it work? Writers are invited to come along to the writers’ night to see a Theatre503 show, with tickets at a discounted rate, talk to members of the literary department and take part in the rapid write response scheme.

  • Writers night is the first Wednesday of all four-week shows.
  • Rapid write response is a short play initiative open to writers of all levels of experience. Attend a full-run show in its first week and write a 10 minute play inspired by the show. Deadline for submissions is always the following Monday at 12 noon. The 503 team will select between 6 and 8 scripts to be staged at a Theatre503 showcase two weeks later.

When is it? The latest writers‘ night is for Escape the Scaffold by Titas Halder. It will be held on 22 March 2017, followed by the showcase on the 9-10 April.

Discounted tickets: On writers’ night you are invited to book £5 tickets. Book using the discount code WRITER for £5 tickets.

What to submit: Yourself at writers’ night and a 10 minute play inspired by the show for the rapid write response scheme.

How to apply: RWR submissions should be emailed to


  • Writers’ Night is Wednesday 22 March
  • Rapid Write Response Nights are 9/10 April

Source: Direct contact



Rich Creative call out for feminist scratch night plays on ‘desire across the sexuality spectrum’

Rich Creative, a brand new theatre company, is launching a new feminist scratch night called The Female Gaze & Other Stories. The first evening is subtitled Volume I: A Sexual Odyssey.

Rich Creative want to showcase stories about sex and desire spanning the sexuality spectrum.

Selected pieces will be assigned a director and cast, to be showcased on 29 March in London at The Cockpit Theatre. The evening is produced by Rich Creative as part of the Girls On Fire season.

What to submit: Gay/bi/trans/queer/straight/questioning sex and love stories, which take place now. Pieces can be extracts or short plays, no longer than 15 minutes. They should include no more than 4 parts, with at least one female character/character who identifies as female. For more information, visit their site here.

How to apply: Send your submission to richcreativeproductions@gma with the subject line ‘FEMALE GAZE/TITLE OF PIECE’ along with your full name and contact number. 

Deadline: Monday 27 February 2017 at 10am.

Source: Direct contact

Rosemary Branch Theatre call out for collaborators for recurring events

Not strictly for playwrights but for all you theatre-makers out there…

The Rosemary Branch Theatre is looking for collaborators to run regular nights at its 60 seat venue on the borders of Hackney and Islington.

It will apply to performers/companies interested in pitches for recurring events including comedy, theatre, performance, sketch, music, or interactive games.

Box office splits, support with producing/marketing and rehearsal/development space available.

What to submit/How to apply: Contact to discuss further.

Deadline: None specified

Source: Direct contact

Perform and Give call out for scripts to perform in 2017 for charity fundraiser

After their debut production Perform and Give are on the lookout for another play to produce in 2017 in London.

Perform and Give produce theatre to provide opportunities in theatre production and to raise money for charity.

Each member works on a voluntary basis and all profit is donated to charity.

Perform and Give say: “The project has been described as exciting by ITV responsibility and has been a stepping stone for many of our volunteers into the world of professional theatre production.”

What to submit: Perform and Give welcome submissions of all kinds.

How to apply: Please send your scripts to:

Deadline: None specified

Source: Direct contact

Little Pieces of Gold seeks shorts on the theme of ‘faith’

Little Pieces of Gold is seeking ten minute plays on the theme of “faith” for their 23 April production at Southwark Playhouse.

Little Pieces of Gold says: “During such turbulent times what happens to our belief in institutions, governments, religions, traditions, ideas and philosophies, and people?

“The English Oxford Dictionary defines faith as: complete trust or confidence in someone or something, or strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, or a strongly held belief.

“Plays can address any of the above.”

What to submit:  Plays that are no longer than 10 minutes, submitted in stageplay format and are for no more than 4 characters. All submissions will receive an automated thank you email.  If you have an enquiry related to your submission please put ‘enquiry’ into the subject header of your email. For further info please visit:

How to apply: Send to

Deadline: 15 March 2017 at midnight

Source: BBC Writers Room




Carabosse Theatre Company seeks darkly comic submissions for Real Ale and Drama Shots 5

Have you written a darkly comic and compelling piece of theatre? Then Milton Keynes based  Carabosse Theatre Company wants to hear from you.

They are now welcoming short play submissions for ‘Real Ale and Drama Shots 5’ (to be performed in October 2017).

What to submit: Pieces for the show can range from 5 minutes up to 20 minutes in length, and must be pieces that have never been staged before, ‘works in progress’ or scenes from a longer play.

Please include a separate A4 cover sheet with a mini playwright’s biography and synopsis of your piece.

Submissions must not be :

  • previously produced
  • from writers outside of the UK and Ireland
  • from writers with agents

How to apply:  Email your script to If you have any questions, please email or contact them via Facebook.

Deadline: 6 March 2017 at midnight

Source: BBC Writers Room

Rift looking for playwrights born in the 90s for workshop and residency

Rift is looking for playwrights born between 01/01/1990 and 31/12/1999 to write a 10 minute play to be produced for its .

They are holding a workshop with Styx in February to prepare for a residency in March, supported by Tottenham-based artists.

What to submit: A short bio about yourself and writing experience.

How to apply: email

Deadline:  Non specified

Source: @Playwriting_UK


Get your writing noticed by TV commissioners with The Comedy Crowd’s ‘Chorts’

Comedy writers and performers – introducing a new way to get your comedy noticed by producers and commissioners.

The Comedy Crowd has launched a new platform called “Chorts!” showcasing 2 minute videos of original comedy characters.

Comedy Crowd Co-founders Jon Jayson and Peter Wright say: “The way new comedy finds it’s audience is changing, and this is creating exciting opportunities for new writers and performers.  Shows like ‘People Just do Nothing‘ and the ‘The Ladventures of Thomas Gray‘ got off the ground when their creators, who at the time were unknowns in comedy, picked up a camera and showed off their characters.

“We’ve created Chorts! so writers and performers can showcase their work and get audience feedback, and producers, agents and commissioners can find the best new talent to work with.”

To see the Chorts! visit

What you get: The best entries will be screened at the Craft of Comedy UK from 30 March to 1 April 2017, with confirmed attendance from BBC, ITV, Ch4/E4 and Sky TV comedy commissioners, amongst others.

What to submit: Any number of 2 minute videos. Free entry.

How to apply: Via this link:         If you have any questions please email

Deadline:  24 February 2017

Source: BBC Writers Room

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